Monday, 28 July 2008

Johnny Come Lately So Far

Johnny Come Lately is my shop its sells cool gifts and cards and jewellery and it is definitely not a charity shop which I want to scream at the randoms that come to my door with their unwanted wares. The Charity shop is next door.
The shop is located in George Street in Aberdeen which I personally think is the best street in which to see total randomness and crazy characters.
So far in the 4 months I have been open I have seen a motorcyclist punch a motorist I have had a pigeon fly straight into my window and leave a body print named the pigeon ghost by my friend steph an ex merchant seaman telling me of his tales on the sea and how he was a looker in his heyday and a whole lot of other crazies.
But on the whole my customers who come into the shop are lovely people who are always up for a chat and very positive about the shop which keeps me going on days that are quiet.
On this blog I hope to keep you up to date with any stories or characters I encounter and tell you a bit about whats going on in the shop and what I sell.