Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Halloween is coming

Yesterday we decided to get out Halloween window up and ready. We went for a day of a dead theme with bright colours and lots of skulls covered in glitter. we are selling some goodies bags of sweets for those who don't go trick or treating and some cool Halloween jewellery. Photos of the window and skulls coming soon

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Its freezing here

You can certainly feel the chill in the air and that christmas is here soon but first we have halloween no ideas what I will dress up as maybe paint myself green and that is as far as I have got.
So what has been happening here in the shop I here you ask. Well the students are back and I haven't seen many of them probably recovering from a full party fest that is freshers week.
I have got in some lovely bags and t-shirts from Ryan green designs may purchase one myself. I also have some fruit market cards that will bring a bit of sunshine to a miserable day.
With Christmas coming soon will need to get the shop in gear and get some lovely Christmas goodies in soon. The website is underway and hopefully ready for Christmas to coincide with a little Christmas party event for customers with some mulled wine and Christmas pies and cakes , date still to be arranged.
The boy badge event went well I have never seen so many boys in the shop My friend bryan leads the polls so far.
Check out the website indie quarter it has a lot of independent shops and crafters on their page with a cool late out.
Well here's hoping its a busy one today x

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

It is all good in the shop today. Lots of things coming up promotion wise. The boy badge campaign is well and truly underway with a great display in the window getting people curious. Also have a 10% going on in freshers week and to celebrate the film grease being 30 years we will be at the foyer of the cinema selling our wares dressed as the pink ladies should be good. Got new stock coming in soon from robot candy and more cool bags from ryan green designs also some funky cross stitch items from misofunky and some lovely stuff from asking for trouble. Its been a long summer and looking forward to the students to be back and inject a bit of life in the granite city x

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

boy badge

Check out www.boy-badge.co.uk its a website that celebrates the male talent of Aberdeen where you can vote for boys in different categories like best hair etc. you can buy a badge to support your favourite hunk. You can buy them from the website or from Johnny Come Lately. Here's hoping that there are a fair few hotties to choose from x

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Here are the photos of the rings and other lovely stuff that has arrived in the shop this week

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Full timer is back

Part timer has gone and left me on my ownio again she left on her Shetland pony and wearing her wolf fleece bought at the car boot a rode of into the sunset or Glasgow.
It is dead as a dodo today its amazing what bit rain does to persuade people to stay in. As part timer said we have lovely big knuckle duster rings in and still trying to work out how to get photos on this but they will be coming shortly.
Also getting in soon some Japanese inspired key rings and bookmarks very cute and you wont loose your keys or loose the place in your book.
Photos coming soon of those also
Hope its not raining where you are and its sunny summers day like its supposed to be xx

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Yo Yo - it's the part timer here. Soaking up the sun in the shop with my new 'do. Got the shipment of glass rings in today. They are very cool. If I can work out how I will try and model them and put them up. They are in 4 colours and 2 sizes so even my sausage fingers can fit them. No crazies today but the day is young yet. Can't wait for the winter season to start counting the wolf fleeces again. How sad do you think it is to look up spoilers for Gossip Girl - I can't wait for S & B to come back. xoxo

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Its the start of a new month and cant believe its nearly the end of summer. The shop has been steady considering the road has been closed. I have had my first shoplifter who I confronted and claimed they weren't stealing anything then decided to have a chat. Felt a bit shaky after. I have been looking for new stock and found some lovely new jewellery to stock so hopefully be in the shop soon. I have trixie delicious plates in the window check out her etsy page her stuff is cool. It is vandalised vintage old vintage plates with suggestive words on them they definitely stop people in their tracks. I think Aberdeen is slowly getting what johnny come lately is about and definitely seeing a lot of new customers long may it continue. Getting a website underway so more people can see the cool stuff in the shop x

Monday, 28 July 2008

Johnny Come Lately So Far

Johnny Come Lately is my shop its sells cool gifts and cards and jewellery and it is definitely not a charity shop which I want to scream at the randoms that come to my door with their unwanted wares. The Charity shop is next door.
The shop is located in George Street in Aberdeen which I personally think is the best street in which to see total randomness and crazy characters.
So far in the 4 months I have been open I have seen a motorcyclist punch a motorist I have had a pigeon fly straight into my window and leave a body print named the pigeon ghost by my friend steph an ex merchant seaman telling me of his tales on the sea and how he was a looker in his heyday and a whole lot of other crazies.
But on the whole my customers who come into the shop are lovely people who are always up for a chat and very positive about the shop which keeps me going on days that are quiet.
On this blog I hope to keep you up to date with any stories or characters I encounter and tell you a bit about whats going on in the shop and what I sell.