Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Its freezing here

You can certainly feel the chill in the air and that christmas is here soon but first we have halloween no ideas what I will dress up as maybe paint myself green and that is as far as I have got.
So what has been happening here in the shop I here you ask. Well the students are back and I haven't seen many of them probably recovering from a full party fest that is freshers week.
I have got in some lovely bags and t-shirts from Ryan green designs may purchase one myself. I also have some fruit market cards that will bring a bit of sunshine to a miserable day.
With Christmas coming soon will need to get the shop in gear and get some lovely Christmas goodies in soon. The website is underway and hopefully ready for Christmas to coincide with a little Christmas party event for customers with some mulled wine and Christmas pies and cakes , date still to be arranged.
The boy badge event went well I have never seen so many boys in the shop My friend bryan leads the polls so far.
Check out the website indie quarter it has a lot of independent shops and crafters on their page with a cool late out.
Well here's hoping its a busy one today x

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