Thursday, 3 June 2010

Coast Festival Banff

The Coast festival was on this past week in Banff and Macduff so I suggested to my mum and sister that we go and see what was on. The journey didn't start well as we drove out to Banff it was pouring with rain and reminded my family the last time I suggested to go to an event which was in Huntly and rained all day and we had to drive back through floods. Thankfully for me the sun came out by the time we got there. After a few wrong turns and a couple of 100 point turns from my mum we parked up and had a look what was on.
We went to a knitted exhibition where people had donated their knitted objects. I love the matching jumpers and knitted food as you can see in the photos there was also a dubious knitted thong which was scarily big as was originally supposed to be a knitted jumper. We then went on to Duff castle, yeah they have a castle where we saw Donna Wilsons maze we got a bit lost but managed to get to the end. I love getting my sister to do comedy photos so I made her stick her head through the maze and get a photo with a random skeleton we found in one of the exhibition rooms. We went on to another couple of exhibitions going on, too many to mention. Then I went back to the city on the country bus which I nearly missed as I was standing at the wrong side of the road. All in all a good day out.

Bless this Mess

Well its been a couple of weeks since Johnny Come Lately has been closed and this has been the first chance to get up to date with the blogging. As you can see from above I have managed to squeeze the remains of the shop into my room and thought it appropriate to illustrate the mess with the bless this mess sampler from Miso Funky. Slowly but surely we will get back on our feet and online to bring you some new and old favourites of cards. For now I better go and tidy my room