Thursday, 4 March 2010

Shop Life

We have just realised that this blog is called shoplife and recently we haven't been giving you a slice of what goes on in the life of a shopkeeper. So since we have been open 2 years we are going to give you a rundown of some highlights and low lights and some of the weird and wonderful people we have encountered. We will keep you posted from now on to the coming and goings of Johnny Come Lately

Well highlights, there has been many. Apart from the lovely customers that come in the characters are on George Street are very entertaining.
We have seen drunks having full blown fights,
a motorcyclist get off his bike and punch the driver in the car in front and drive away,
the resident beggar who goes up and down the street pouncing on passer bys,
a stopped bus and all its passengers barricading the door so someone who had obviously got chucked off couldn't get on the bus.
A oil worker who was a bit oiled himself who told me about karma,yoga and the effect of LSD while painting
The shoe toucher who liked to come in and chat and asked if he was allowed to touch my shoes.

Low lights
People who come in and just don't get it and don't understand why a card that is hand printed is £2.85 when you can get 5 for a £1 in Asda
Having a flooded basement for a month and not realising that it was foul water we had been cleaning up for a month.
Finally shoplifters

These are all we can remember at the moment,one thing for sure George Street is a very lively street

2 comments: said...

I'm glad the low-lights make for a shorter list than the highlights :)

Chanchala said...

I lived in Aberdeen city for 4 years and your shop was one of the highlights for me. I'm very sorry to hear that you closed down. You were a spot of colour amongst all those dull chains in the city. Let me know you Etsy shop name so I can look you up. I also have an Etsy shop here: