Tuesday, 18 May 2010


No I have not had a meltdown myself although I am close to it tying up loose ends with the shop closing. I am talking about my teacup candles. Out of all the products in the shop the teacup candles are the only thing I make, ashamedly. Well today I got the wax I ordered so I decided to do a marathon candle making sesh. Everything was going well until some magazines fell of a shelf onto the teacups which hadn't set and the wax went everywhere. I didn't realise wax was so hard to clean up. I deffo wont be getting up to any mischief with wax like Madonna in the film body of evidence if it takes an age to clean. Eventually I managed to clear the wax and wash some of it down the sink which then hardened and blocked the sink. So another half hour later I finally unblocked the sink. My lesson is leave the making to the professionals.

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