Friday, 14 May 2010

Glasgow Weekend

So I headed up to Glasgow on Saturday night full of the intentions of running a 10k on the Sunday morning. But after a meal at Wagamammas on the Saturday night the nerves kicked in and when I woke up on Sunday I completely chickened out and ashamedly never did the run. So after a bout of feeling a bit guilty I decided to be productive and go up the west end for some vintage shopping and cakes. We started of at the Two Figs for a late lunch of cocktails and curry. We then ventured up byres road stopping to check out the vintage shops where I was strangely drawn to bumbags and tribal bags I must be wanting to create a 80s rave hippy vibe thankfully I was talked out of purchasing said bumbag.

Then after all our browsing we were parched and went to Auntie M's in the De Courcys Arcade. It was decorated like a 50s diner and had lots of lovely cakes. I had lemon and ginger and Kate had chocolate and pistachio and Pam had coffee and walnut. Good big slices and fine cup of tea. Although I didnt run I still had an ace time. Maybe stick to cakes and shopping instead of runs.


Laura said...

Mmmmmm Wagamama, we should organise a petition to get one open in Aberdeen!!!

I've never eaten at those other places though, Auntie M's looks so good, def will pay a visit next time I'm down!! Love the West End, could spend the whole day there raking round vintage shops without ever heading into town. (unless I need and Urban Outfitters fix of course)

Wouldn't worry about the 10K, its for losers haha! Actually no, sitting on your arse doing nothing (ME) is for losers!! At least you did the training!

Nice post Faye!!

Laura x

johnny come lately said...

I will join you in the campaign for wagamamma my only moan was the waiter was very close when writing order on the mat, I mean armpit in my face.

West end was ace never bought anything but had agood rake x

Laura said...

Aye but have you ever seen the waitress with the Glasgow face lift?? Ponytail scraped back and gelled with a scrunchie?? I'm always scared to place an order in case I get a heid butt!!!! Rough as....x